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Saturday, May 4th 2013. | Icona

Icona Volcano is got a beautiful design featuring voluptuous and harmonious shapes, this is that the car that brings along the beauty and therefore the beast. The Icona Volcano was designed by Icona director of design, Samuel Chuffart.

Icona Volcano Icona Volcano Review

Icona Volcano exterior

As totally different ideas came along, possibly the most challenging design issue that we faced was how you can develop a balance between power and beauty. When your attempting out to develop a sense of aesthetic harmony, you risk making too several sweet lines, that decreases the sense of power. On the opposite hand, if you do in fact create an excessive amount on your powerful features which you’ll realize are necessary out to a super sports car inclusive of its cooling cutouts and blades that manage the air flow, these become graphically too dominant, and this makes the Icona Volcano less beautiful. The method we found the proper balance was typically by wanting for our greatest simplicity aforementioned Samuel Chuffart, design director of Icona.

Icona Volcano Wallpaper HD Icona Volcano Review

Icona Volcano engine

The Icona Volcano may be a front engine v12 two-door two-seater car; the highest speed will just be around 350 km/h, and 0-200 km/h will just be well underneath ten seconds. The powertrain on your Icona Volcano is the hard work of well-known Claudio Lombardi, former powertrain technical director of Ferrari and mastermind of varied world champion cars. Claudio Lombardi has engineered 2 accessible configurations for our Icona Volcano. the very 1st few is a formidable rear wheel drive v12 associated out to an advanced technology gearbox that includes a hybrid system : its electric motor synchronizes the only clutch for fast gear modification and balances the torque for swish and optimal acceleration whereas its extra power boosts the total power on your car out to 950 hp.

Wallpaper Icona Volcano Icona Volcano Review

Icona Volcano wallpaper

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