2013 Ford Raptor Price and Review

Monday, October 8th 2012. | Ford

Black ford raptor Wallpaper 2013 Ford Raptor Price and Review

2013 ford raptor was an automobile truck designed very stocky and energetic. Ford raptor CVT was first released in 2010 and is a huge hit, so ford raptor continues to be developed and perfected by ford. 2013 ford raptor has a design quite different from its predecessor, namely the ford raptor.

2013 ford raptor comes with some new form of conventional wheel-set made of aluminum forged and retaining the electricity of his predecessor.

ford raptor Wallpaper HD 2013 Ford Raptor Price and Review

Ford Raptor Exterior

Performed with the wild and aggressive design, 2013 ford raptor could hardly be distinguished from previous editions. With a design that is in the dominance of black ford wanted to carry the theme of mud on this car.

Conventional wheel design from aluminum is the main characteristic of this ford. A clear difference between the ford raptor 2011 with 2013 ford raptor lies in the design of light which is much lighter. So it allows you to see more clearly at night. For color not any change at all, ford is available in color Race Red, Blue Flame Metallic, Tuxedo Black Metallic, Ingot Silver Metallic, and Oxford White.

ford raptor large 2013 Ford Raptor Price and Review

Ford Raptor Interior

At the University of Konstanz in 2013 ford raptor is very elegant with seating design made of leather and wraps all the driver seats and passengers. For the Government and fleet, ford is offering a replacement seat fabric raptor.

Ford also provides several options for the design of interior color such as black, cream and others. Raptor also complete with some of the components are coated with a layer of aluminum, so impressed was clean and luxurious.

The advanced features are also promoted with ford raptor, i.e., such as telephone books, voice commands, radio, songs of bookmarks, GPS, and others

ford raptor Interior 2013 Ford Raptor Price and Review

Ford Raptor Engine

V8 engine tough with 6.2 liters and 411 hp 2013 ford raptor makes it unbeatable in its class. Ford raptor uses the automatic transmission with 6 speeds and expected could be a carryover from his predecessor.

As expected, and as a carryover from last year, SVT raptorial bird options are shift-on-the-fly 4-wheel drive. The front differential could be a Torsen restricted slip that uses wheel slippage to extend the facility transfer to the slower moving wheel while not victimization sophisticated and expensive clutch systems. It additionally eliminates hand wheel jumping caused by ancient restricted slip differentials. Each the front and rear axles is boast four.10-to-1 shaft ratios.

2013 Ford Raptor Engine 2013 Ford Raptor Price and Review

Ford Raptor Price

After an uncertain and become a big question mark for the fans finally ford issued an official price of 2013 ford raptor, which is around $ 43,340

2013 ford raptor Wallpaper HD 2013 Ford Raptor Price and Review

2013 Ford Raptor Pictures

pinit fg en rect red 28 2013 Ford Raptor Price and Review

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